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news this morning, with convicted ponzi schemer bernard madoff behind bars for rest of his life the focus is shifting now to his wife ruth. cbs news correspondent bianca solorzano is here in new york to bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. bernard madoff at least knows he'll have a roof over his head. his wife ruth though doesn't have that assurance anymore. and then there were none. yesterday federal marshals seized bernard madoff's final property. this $7 million manhattan penthouse, leaving his wife effectively homeless. >> ruth are madoff who was in the apartment when we arrived, has vacated the residence. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news ruth madoff was reluctant to leave and pleaded unsuccessfully to keep her fur coat. >> she has surrendered all personal property to the united states marshal service. >> reporter: the apartment seizure was part of a deal ruth madoff made last week, give up all of her assets in exchange for $2.5 million. and now her future is very uncertain. the apartment is gone and so are the seized homes in palm
. the $65 billion fraudster bernie madoff is sentenceed to 150 years in jail. the ban on gay sex is overturned, but not everyone is happy. welcome to a review of the major news story seen on bbc "world news" over the past seven days. six years after american-led forces invaded oirk, president obama said they will withdraw from all the countries, towns and cities, but he warned that difficult days lay ahead. as iraq celebrated the u.s. withdrawal, a car bomb killed at least 25 people in kirkuk. the bbc's jim muir witnessed the events in baghdad. >> despite the bombs, an iraqi victory parade, all the top brass on hand to celebrate the last americans leaving baghdad and other cities. on the streets, jubilation, across the board, almost everyone here is glad to see the americans go. it means iraqis are back in charge. >> today we feel great pleasure mixed with deep sorrow. the pleasure of achieving something great and historic and sorrow for all the men, women and children who fell victim to the terrorists. >> as though to underline those feelings and fears, another big car bomb, thi
news" looked like after bernie madoff's sentence. big front-page story. listed as the pariah. rarely in memory has a man become such a planetary pariah. not a single person, no member of his family, no friend of a lifetime stepped forward to attest to madoff. they have warned of madoff. lawyer raised alarm and was pointed elsewhere. this is zachary goldfarb's piece. they warned superiors as far back as 2004 of irregular parking lots that bernie madoff's financial firm, but was told to focus on unrelated matter, according to agency documents and sources familiar with the investigation. genevievette walker-light foot, a lawyer in the s.e.c.'s office, suggested a set of questions to ask the firm. several questions directly challenged madoff's activities that turned out to be elements of his massive fraud. with the agency under pressure to look for wrongdoing in the mutual fund industry, she wasn't able to continue pursuing madoff and two people familiar with the investigation. this is a personal story for you. you were among those who were hit with madoff's scams. what's your reaction w
the clock to close massive budget gaps. plus madoff is in jail but the blame game continues... why more parties may be held responsible for the scam of the century... and.. what some consumers are doing to stay fashionable... even in this recession... those stories and more all ahead on this edition of first business. first look starting a new week with the dow holding onto the 83-hundred mark many are expecting this selloff could continue.... to possibly a 10% correction... joining us now is dan of scotland equities he's over at the chicago board options exchange. what is your take welcome calls more selling pressure in the stock market? a couple of things i think we are looking at this week i think the bond auction this point to take place in the government issuance of notes of bonds brought the week are going to be the theme for this week. i believe that we need to see how that did come in and we need to see that there is still solid demand from that which we are still issuing to cover up this financial situation. that is certainly a good point we are looking forward to a second qua
about bernard madoff's ponzi scheme. a lawyer for madoff's victims now says the disgraced financier is talking from his prison cells and spilling beans about how he stole billions from investors. >>> and a new warning about the dangers of tanning beds. experts say the cancer risk is serious, just as bad as cigarettes. we'll have an in-depth report on this alarming new study. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> could we be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession? president obama says possibly. this comes as the government puts out the so-called beige book that says while the economy remains weak, it's becoming less severe. listen to president obama's thoughts on the economic recovery. >> we have stopped the freefall. the mark's up, the financial system is no longer on the verge of collapse. that's true. so, there's no doubt that things have gotten better. we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession. >> let's bring in our chief business correspondent ali velshi. simple question. is the president right? >> reporter: yeah, probably. markets are
ruth madoff. >> her agreement with the u.s. attorney's was i will give the u.s. government everything i own, and she did. she walked out of 133 east 64th street. they will auction everything. she walked away with $2.5 million. the trusty, whose job is to collect money from all the blue might have benefited from mr. madoff and pay the victims. he filed a $48 billion lawsuit -- he filed a $40 million lawsuit against ruth madoff. martha: he hasn't gotten anything yet. i cannot wait to hear what happens to those folks at the sec. they filled out their job no matter how you look at this. that was their job. rick: and no one's had several. >> no one has been fired at the sec. it is not just madoff. it is stanford as well. martha: thank you. moments from now, lawmakers will announce new rules for pilots and airlines. it is an effort to prevent the pilots error that may have doomed a commuter flights in buffalo. what the bill will do having my identity stolen has taken more than money from me. it's taken my time. time that i should have had to be with my family. it's like you're getting violate
in the quarter, almost double what some analysts predicted. >>> bernard madoff, wearing hand cups instead of cuff links, arrived today at the place he will now call home. madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years for running a giant ponzi scheme, will serve his time in north carolina at the butner correction alpha silty. what will life be like for the former high-flying financr? here's brian ross. >> reporter: a federal bureau of prisons bus brought madoff to his new home in north carolina today after a 34 hour trip fm new york. 71-year-old convicted con man who once traveled by private jet and wore suits hand tailored in london, was seen in a blue prison jumpsuit as he walked into the butner facility, considered one of the crown jewels of the federal prison system. >> he hit the inmate lottery. as far as being december ig nated to the best place that h could possibly hope for. >> reporter: his 150-year sentence meant he could have been sent to a maximum security facility. but butner prison is a medium security facility and has the look and feel of a college campus. inmates start the day at 6:00 in
considers michael jackson's death a homicide. >>> as bernie madoff wakes up for the first time as an inmate we'll talk exclusively with the man who helped him prepare for life behind bars early this wednesday morning, july 15th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez, along with harry smith in new york. julie is off today. >> the all-star game was last night in st. louis. the american league won, which is only right. >> oh. >> oh golly. talk about a repeat -- >> look who was there. >> it will be repeated over and over again. he got it there. that's what counts. >> love the jacket. >> did you like that jacket. >> white sox. >> from chicago. also ahead, we'll be speaking exclusively with the man who was hired by bernard madoff's attorney to help decide which prison would be best for him and what goes on in prison. this morning, herb hoelter will take us inside a day in the new life of bernard madoff. >> first, breaking news. as a caspian jet liner with 168 people on board crashes in northwestern iran. all passen
.com. >>> since the boerne madoff ponzi scandal, the securities and exchange commission has been a target of criticism for mig the rip-off for years and has been fielding a huge increase this tips from people worried about investment scams. while the sec has launched actions against at least a dozen ponzi schemes since madoff, the sec is not equipped to handle every tip that comes in, according to merri jo gillette who handles this in chicago. >> ponzi schemes and scams have been around a long time. i've seen them since day one of my career. secondly, they tend to follow cycles that shadow the economy. so when we see the economy sort of dropping off, there tend tobz an inverse relationship and an increase in scams and particularly ponzi schemes. and sometimes the ponzi schemes that we see are investment schemes or maybe not schemes, maybe even legitimate investment opportunities that are unable to sustain their profitability when the economy takes a downturn and then they cross the line and become ponzi schemes in an effort to keep it going. in terms of what we are trying to do, a number
union national association. >> susie: it missed the credit crisis, and the bernard madoff ponzi scheme. some say more money would solve the problem; others say the agency just needs to think smarter. but as darren gersh reports, chairman mary schapiro says the s.e.c. is improving the way it does business. >> reporter: to many members of congress, the securities and exchange commission is almost a troubled teenager. after each bad report card, it offers a long list of excuses. today, congressman scott garrett asked s.e.c. chairman mary schapiro why investors should believe this time will be different. >> it seems like the s.e.c. is always coming in after the fact to the table, always a different chairman, saying, "we realized our errors and now we're going to try to correct them." >> reporter: in response, schapiro offered a long list of corrections. the s.e.c. is focusing enforcement on what it calls "high impact cases" that could hurt the most investors; it's increasing training for employees; and hiring more experienced market professionals; and tightening controls on investment advi
. did bernie madoff really spill his guts to a plaintiff's lawyer in prison after refusing to name names for so many months? we'll tuck to that lawyer live on cnbc in a first on cnbc interview coming up. >> wouldn't surprise me, because in the end, they always want to talk. let's get to market action. the major averages having their biggest three-day drop in as many weeks. oil getting pummeled. bob pi san see kicks it off at the new york stock exchange. roberto. here is the big question. we have been here before, weakness in the early part of the day, but markets have been resilient, keep coming back late in the day. so here is the market test. let's see if we can come back from this minor market set back here. let's look at the steel stocks, and folks, you knew wurp going to get smacked around with commodity names. mittal, not a full recovery, and u.s. steel and nipan in japan are weak. as are all commodity stocks. chinese stocks are weak, a 5% drop in shanghai today, so all of the big commodity names are weak, as well. finally, oil stocks, you combine collar strength, combine a big bui
, ruth madoff forced to find a new home, as the feds seize her pricey penthouse. >>> it was once every child's dream, with an amusement park, a zoo, a real train. we'll show you what neverland ranch looks likeoh...y. look! marshmalows! ( talking excitedly ) now we put in exacly 6 cups., help me pour. perfect. now we can pour it in the bowl. try doing it this way. ♪ everybody likes little taste..., girls: mmmmm. f independence. pat it down. alright, here you go. oh, that's so good. ♪ happy 4th of july. >>> welcome >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. michael jackson's former wife is still considering whether to launch a custody battle over the children she had with jackson. >>> and new video, shot just dies before his death, shows a strong-looking jackson, rehearsing for his upcoming show. a doctor told promoters that the singer had a clean bill of health. >>> and u.s. marines have taken their first casualties in a fierce effort to crush taliban and al qaeda forces in afghanistan's helmand province. >>> there are new answers this morning about how that air
is its unpredict ability. teri okita, cbs morning news. >>> coming up, madoff's wife is ejikt victimed from her posh penthouse. >>> first, jeff glor has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> it's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. you'll meet the brave soldiers who dismantle bombs before they explode. nsaid pain relievers, l prescription like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain and have some of the same warnings. but since individual results may vary, having options is important. prescription celebrex has been the option for millions of patients for 10 straight years. just one 200-mg celebrex (once a day,) can provide dependable, 24-hour relief for many with arthritis pain, stiffness and inflammation. based on the available data, the fda stated that for certain patients celebrex's benefits outweigh the risks. if you are worried about stomach upset, you should know, in clinical studies, a lower percentage of patients taking celebrex reported stomach discomfort versus prescription ibuprofen and naproxen. and if you are taking low-dose aspirin for
their heads. >>> honda hums, the search for madoff millions. and if you can't sell your house, why not try robbery? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> she may be glamorous, but you will not believe the unglamorous place eva mendes goes to find peace. >>> former cy young winner not what you think and michael phelps shatters another world record. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm christina brown. and here are some of your top headlines. >>> according to aew nbc news/wall street journal poll, a whopping 67% of americans do not want to see former alaska governor sarah palin become president. 43% of republicans responding to that survey were against palin becoming president. >>> a judge has ordered the release of a kuwaity at guantanamo bay for nearly eight years. authorities say he was arrested in pakistan after visiting afghanistan where he was doing charitable work. prosecutors remain he was supporting al qaeda. the justice department is deciding whether to appeal the decision. >>> astronauts aboard space shuttle
profile a medicare program saving money through home care. >> suzanne: bernard madoff's wife may soon find herself in court. ruth madoff is being sued for $45 million by the trustee seeking to recover her husband's assets. mrs. madoff isn't accused of knowing about her husband's fraud, but the lawsuit says she lived a life of splendor using money that belonged to her husband's customers. ruth madoff's attorney says today's action is quote, "wrong as a matter of law and fairness." >> paul: it looks like more investors are gaining confidence in the market. $11 billion flowed into mutual funds last week, that's the biggest weekly investment since early june. the investment company institute tracks the numbers. it says much of that money went into stock funds as investors responded to a string of strong earnings reports. >> suzanne: here's a look at what's happening tomorrow. we'll see weekly jobless claims and a host of quarterly results. exxon mobil, kellogg, motorola and walt disney are among the companies scheduled to report. >> suzanne: many u.s. car dealers are crushed with customers, th
bernie madoff goes to the crown jewel of the federal prison system. why not get co? fasten your seat belts, everybody. "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the kudlow report, where we believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. here's my keynote for tonight. banks surge and stocks follow, mostly on the heels of high expectations for trading firm goldman sachs, which really is more a hedge fund than a real bank. last thursday on kudlow's 101, i said banks are my favorite stock market sector. so i got it right one time in a row. with a steep upward treasury curve, even a banker can make money borrowing at near zero and lending at much higher rates. deposits are flowing into the big banks. mark to market reform permits cash flow valuation to replace fictional distressed market sales, which have unnecessarily crushed bank capital and profit. toxic assets can be funded by low rates for as far as the eye can see it. let's not forget that president obama who is the biggest government bond salesman in our natio
a candid interview with bernie madoff, in prison in north carolina. in his first on the record set down he said that he could not believe that the scam lasted as long as it did. he got 150 years for calling thousands of investors. we are told that he spoke candidly to lawyers who represented the victims and repeatedly apologized for his crimes. jonathan, even bernie madoff is surprised that he got away with it for this long? >> apparently so. one of the two attorneys that sat with him for those hours in that prison yesterday, he says that bernie madoff told him "there were several times that i met with the sec and thought that they had me." a clear implication from bernie madoff that he believes that the sec was asleep at the wheel. they have said that they are investigating how they missed this huge fraud. we will get the results next month. shepard: lawyers that spoke to him represented some of the victims. what did they say about getting the money back? >> and not good news for those the gums. after that interview, they did not have as much optimism for anybody getting all of the money
, or you can follow us on twitter at rick: bernie madoff speaking out from behind bars, telling a lawyer he was not surprised he was arrested. he said he was surprised he was not arrested sooner. we will tell you what else he had to say when we come back. having the right tools is crucial to being able to manage your diabetes properly. it's very important for me to uh check my blood sugar before i go on stage. being on when i'm feeling low can be like a rollercoaster. it does at times feel like my body is telling me to do one thing... and, my mind, my heart is telling me to do something else. managing my highs and lows is super important. with my contour meter i can personalize my high/lo settings so it really does micromanage where my blood sugar needs to be. i'm nick jonas and never slowing down is my simple win. you're ready for the mid-morning rush thanks to a good breakfast. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos. make one a double. she's fiber focused! i have
could be enlisted and the confessed conman bernie madoff is in the cube again tonight. he is giving his first interview from the hoosegow. as it turns out, he thought the feds should have caught him sooner. so is he apologizing for his $65 billion scam? he will speak in a bit. applebee's 2 for $20! real food at the right price! this is the primo stuff. one appetizer and two premium entrees. just twenty bucks-every day. genuine food. generous portions. genius price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. shepard: there is a new warning tonight of home-grown terror. homeland security is warning states to be on the lookout for american muslim extremists. it comes just two days after the feds busted a suspected terror group in north carolina. investigators say seven legal u.s. residents were gearing up for a violent holy war abroad. one suspect believed to be in pakistan still missing as fox reports tonight. and it seems authorities are now worried about trends involving similar groups of american extremists. jennifer griffin is working this for us from the pentagon tonight. she is in the cube. jen
where bernie madoff is now an inmate, he arrived a short time ago. we can show you tape of him arriving here. he was the second person off a bus after taking a long bus ride from atlanta. we are told by local prison officials, he is being housed in the medium security section of this sprawling prison complex. so he will be in with medium security inmates. that is not a particularly pleasant life. it also means visiting hours for his wife ruth or anyone else are limited as opposed to inmates in other parts of this facility. bernie madoff, 71 years old. we are told, again, went straight to the medium security section of the federal prison -- federal correctional complex here in butner, north carolina. we do not know how long he will be here in butner. of course, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison. whether this will be his permanent home or not is so far still to be determined. melissa? all right, scott, thanks so much. trish. >>> thanks, guys. when we come back, details off the goldman sachs conference call. >>> plus, will other big banks outperform this earning season? we're going t
like that would happen to someone like bernard madoff. >> they trusted him with their lives. >> he betrayed them. >> a 71-year-old man beyond reproach. bernie madoff, the man who made so many so rich for so long. the man who gave millions to charities and invested millions more on their behalf. >> the money disappeared. there's nothing to recover. >> gone. >> i've always expected madoff to blow. >> gone. >> that would have been my nest egg, but gone. >> $65 billion lost in the biggest ponzi scheme ever. how did he do it? where is the money? and how did it go on for so long? we'll take you inside his shadowy world. the wealthy communities now reeling. and the charities, some simply left with nothing. and you'll meet the few who questioned it all along but couldn't get anyone to listen. this is "the scam of the century: bernie madoff's crime and punishment." >> bernardo madoff will die in prison, sentenced to a term of 150 years. in court, bernie madoff apologized to his victims and acknowledged his words would provide them little comfort. over the next hour, we will unravel madoff's
and safety concerns about older planes. >> then inmate madoff. the admitted swindler is now serving time. >> he's managed to get into a rather comfortable condition. >> why some say bernard madoff's prison is too posh. >> and mending a prone heart. a medical miracle involving a innovative operation and something very unexpected. it's wednesday, july 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's wednesday already. >> casual wednesday. >> yeah, i decided to go jacketless. >> all those ladies out there are going to be excited to see your forearm. >> show us more skin or cover up, please. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. the nation's aging airline fleet is likely to come under scrutiny. >> in the middle of a flight, a mysterious hole appeared in the plane's fuselage forcing an emergency landing. here's steven portnoy. >> reporter: later today investigators here in washington will get their hands on the plane's black boxes and the section of fuselage which cracked open at 30,000 feet. southwest airlines inspected all 181 of its boeing 737-0 series jets after a
angeles. >>> and bernard madoff has given his first interview since going to jail for running a massive ponzi scheme. an attorney representing a group of madoff's victims said madoff told him there were several times that i met with the s.e.c. and thought, they got me. according to the attorney, madoff seemed to care about the welfare of his wife, but said the lawyer -- said the lawyer. he doesn't give a blank about his sons who have not talked with madoff since his arrest. >>> still ahead on "world news," the worst drought in america. a disaster in one state could soon cost you no matter where you live. >>> michael phelps dealt a stunning defeat. was he done in by a stronger swimmer or a slicker suit? >>> and, hollywood history. going, going, gone. thousands of pieces of movie magic hit the auction block. it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both for
on their wives? >>> and bernie madoff goes to jail, and we talked about this yesterday. we talk about the lus fur affect. madoff actually exhibits completely detached behavior from all other people. evil. how does it happen? we have a man that knows how it happens. it's 9:00 a.m., and it's time to get to the meeting. >>> good morning to you. let's start with the president striking back across the board again, whether it's the health care platform or the stimulus platform, the criticism of the lack of job creation in the economy. there is lots of vulnerability, the rhetoric is strong and the price tags are too high, and the results are mercky at this point. and savannah guthrie we have to talk about this. >> reporter: you can see the white house acknowledging that their most effective advocate is the president himself. last week we were overseas and the white house was battered on the stimulus and health care and things were not getting done and the stimulus would not be affective in terms of the creating jobs, and the president has been out every single day this week with the intensity, and almos
penthouse of convicted financier bernard madoff thursday forcing his wife ruth to move out and leave behind all her possessions, including a fur coat that she had asked to take with her. federal marbles seized the property just days after madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for running a multibillion dplar ponzi scheme. a federal official quoted by the associated press said madoff's wife first argued with the marshalls, then asked if she could take a fur coat with her. the government is planning on settling that apartment and the items inside to reimburse victims of the fraud. >>> now, here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. the driver of a stolen van in houston led police on a 40-minute chase. during the pursuit, the suspect drove off road all to avoid the cops. the chase ended when that van rammed a car mangling its wheel. the police pulled the man from the immobile vehicle. the man reportedly carrying $9,000 worth of construction equipment. >>> authorities in california released video of a gun store smash and grab. surveillance camera captured th
funds be registered with the fcc. bernie madoff's funds were registered and also cheated thousands of investors so why would this work. >> he didn't register. the thing registered was a different business so this other business that was such a fraud was not registered, nobody knew about it. it only seems logical that if funds are put together whether you call them hedge funds or whatever there should be some authority that that's right to go in and look at the procedures within that fund and look at things such as how they price their securities, what conflicts of interest they have, etcetera, etcetera. >> susie: i'm sure you heard it said that we really don't need new regulation and structure we need smart regulators to enforce the rules we already have. what are your thoughts on that? >> there are a number of rules and regulations we don't have. a whole d derivative area that s gotten us in trouble and no oversight from stc and i think clear we need affective regulators and clearly we need we need people who are trained and again this is a problem and a challenge and opportunity
to an end for stock swindler, bernard madoff. >>> and the president takes to the mound in st. louis. the ball or strike call, next in sports. my name is louise and his is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle... with a quick smudge of crem cheese. at least that part's easy. there's only one way to eat an eggo... your way. l'eggo my eggo. >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news this morning. sonia sotomayor is defending herself against accusations that she's too biased to become a supreme court justice. there will be more questions today on capitol hill. >>> the black boxes and the damaged portions of a southwest airlines jet arrived in washington, for a closer look by the ntsb. investigators want to know what caused a hole to break open in the plane's fuselage. >>> and a total of seven men are in custody in the murder of a florida couple with adopted children. police are still looking for one more suspect. >>> president obama moved quickly to endorse a health care plan endorsed by house democrats. al
the nation's top stock cops look to learn the lessons of missing the bernie madoff rip-off. can the securities and exchange commission be more pro-active in hunting down fraud? plus, can retailers pass the back to school test? we look at the winners and losers in the retail world.. as parents and kids gear up for the new school year. and....the latest harry potter movie makes its way to theaters...why fans and studios are expecting a lot from the boy wizzard...these stories and more all ahead on this edition of first business. bahoric compound caught a bit friday on tap as the dow jones industrial average rallied almost 7 percent and a few weeks old loans and it is if three for friday as we hear from three financial companies in the u.s.. if a couple of them here bank of america and city group to set the tone for the market had one friday in looking ahead to next week if the date malcolm plans that will continue to support with caterpillar 3 m and coca-cola as the dow breaks above six month highs. we have to get too big of america and general electric that third one is a big fi
. and 84 in sacramento. >>> coming up next from los angeles and new york, a clear sign of bernard madoff's wife may escape any prosecution for his multibillion-dollar scheme. >>> and the jackson children, destined for a life in the spotlight. what they can learn from other chil >>> stocks are lower across the board this morning. tokyo's nikkei average tumbled nearly 2.5% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened slightly lower. wall street starts the day with the dow at 8163, its lowest since early april, after dropping 161 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 41 points to close at 1746. >>> a federal judge has refused to fast-track appeals of general motors' sale. the decision pretty much clears the way for gm to sell its best assets to a government-controlled company, ending its brief stay in bankruptcy. product liability and asbestos groups are trying to block the sale down. >>> billionaire oil man, t. boone pickens is suspending plans to build the world's biggest wind farm in texas. instead, pickens plans to build three or four smaller wind farms in several diffe
of bernard madoff's ponzi scheme is now going after madoff's wife. the trustee has filed a lawsuit against ruth madoff. he says the money was spent on a life of splendor. her lawyer says she has forfeited nearly all of the assets mentioned in the lawsuit. >>> new york city is offering the homeless a free ride. the city is paying for one-way flights out of town, to anywhere in the world, in hopes of cutting down the number of people living in streets and shelters. city officials dismiss criticism they are just shifting the homeless. >> they identify outside new york city, resources they have. they will either be going to their own apartment. going to live with a family. or going to live with a friend. they are going to a home. >> the mayor says a one-way ticket is a lot cheaper than what it would cost the city to provide an apartment. >>> health experts are sounding the alarm on the dangers of tanning beds. researchers for the world health organization, says damage from the ultraviolet radiation, moves the beds into the top cancer risk category. and young women in particular should be very
.5 million manhattan penthouse owned by bernie madoff is now in the hands of the feds. the apartment was seized today, along with its contents, to be used as restitution for madoff's victims. his wife ruth had been living there; she was evicted. on monday, madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for bilking investors out of billions of dollars. >> paul: the long holiday weekend got off to a bad start for passengers of united airlines, especially at chicago's o'hare airport. test test. ys. because o'hare is hub for united, there was a domino effect, causing delays all around the country. by late afternoon, things were more or less back to normal. >> susie: here's a look at what's happening tomorrow and next week: tomorrow, u.s. financial markets are closed ahead of the independence day holiday. next week, our friday "market monitor" guest is robert drach, editor of the "drach weekly research report." on the economic calendar: monday, it's the i.s.m.'s june non-manufacturing index; tuesday, dow component alcoa kicks off earnings season with its second quarter results; and thursday,
bars for billionaire scammer. bernie madoff. the jailhouse interview. >> the paint signs and clerks. it's a long way from wall street. >> hear for the first tim what he said about the billion dollar scheme and what happened to all of that money. plus the battle over michael jackson's money. his mother takes on the big businessman controlling the half a billion dollar mistake andw l and will.i.a.m. was working on music with michael jackson. >> and rudy giuliani. >> what are your plans? >> after his first loss in years, michael phelps is back on top but yet another swimsuit controversy. >> hi, everybody, those are the big questions tonight. but we start, as we always do with the mash-up. our look at all of the stories making an impact right now. the moment you may missed today. we're watching it all so you don't have to. we began tonight with the woman whose 911 call triggered a racial firestorm. she's breaking her silence today. lucia whalen called the cops on henry louis gates. since then said she's living a nightmare because of reports that two black men tried to break into the home.
-e-c with madoff has not been completed, but tomorrow on the show, khuzami talks about how enforcement is changing. even if madoff had not occurred it would be natural from a priority point of view to look for ponzi link behavior in the market cycle that we're in. that's tomorrow on the show. time now for trade talks. how does head to the cme group and join peter cook of performance trust investment divisors of we have the dow holding above 9000 and is still struggling to build on the dance made from last week the you take this opportunity to sell and to this rally will you hold on? some stocks may be a little bit overbought on short term basis but the bigger picture is that the stock market is likely to go higher based on the number of indicators first me on the only one war breaking into highs for the rest of the world is doing that also. he suddenly it if you were bound to invest it in place to invest as and when stocks they've been a lagger run well and it's interesting for the last few days while the stock market in general has not made much headway bank stocks have come to the floor of one m
death was an accident. >>> bernie madoff is spending his first night in his new home. madoff arrived at the security prison in north carolina. he was transferred from a facility in manhattan. experts say his age, declining health, and the fact he could be targeted by inmates in other facilities are the reasons for his transfer to butler. >>> 376 of questions that sonia sotomayor faced today. >> people who watched the hearings say the questioning was tough, but the judge more than held her own. >> i do not base my judgments on my personal experiences or my feelings or my by cs. >> this woman watched most of the hearings and tonight she came together with other sonia sotomayor supporters. >> it is a celebration. we will wait to celebrate fully until she is confirmed. right now this is a good start. >> she is more tn a woman or a latina. >> today sotomayor and toward the most harsh questioning since she was nominated by president obama. >> this is as much as about barack obama as it is my son not sotomayor. >> the toughest questioning came over the idea she might be biased on the court
not investigate, then he will. live from the john wilson building, sam ford, abc 7 news. >>> bernie madoff will not -- his sentence for defrauding billions of dollars. a judge sentenced madoff to the maximum sentence last week. today, his attorney said he has decided not to appeal the sentence, but would not explain why. >>> developing story of manassas, a composite sketch of a man believed to be responsible for two attempted abductions. he is described as an hispanic man and his late 30's, early 40's, with black crew cut hair. these incidents happened two weeks apart as the victims were walking to the community center. the victims were 16 and had blond hair. >>> coming up -- bodies are moved to make room for new business. startling allegations against a cemetery. >> the piano man and rocket man are coming to town. >> she said we broke all in north korea. >> one of the amerin journalists in north korea makes a phone call to her sister. >> partly cloudy and cool. the forecast is coming up. ,pp >>> 4 workers at historic black cemetery in chicago have been charged in a scheme to resell burial
of myself. also this morning, nbc news has learned bernie madoff is on the move. the convicted mastermind behind a massive ponzi scheme is being transported to a facility in north carolina. he'll begin serving his 150 year sentence. it's a place where the one-time billionaire can make up to 40 cents an hour doing various jobs. it's medium security. we'll have more on madoff's new home ahead. also we're hearing that the full toxicology report from michael jackson's autopsy could be released as early as this week. this as a key ruling is made when it comes to the late star's estate. we'll have the latest from los angeles coming up, as well. >> but we're going to begin with that terrifying emergency landing of a southwest airlines plane on its way from nashville to baltimore. nbc's tom costello has the details. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. southwest airlines spent the night inspecting nearly 200 of its 737-300s after a hole opened up in this plane's skin. southwest flight 2294 took off from nashville at 4:05 eastern time on monday with 131 people on board the boeing 737-300. ab
of the year. >> i'm scott cohn in butner, north carolina. bernie madoff was accompanied to pensions, penthouses and villas. now he is making his home here, a tiny cell that may be his home for the rest of his life. >>> i'm jim goldman in cnbc's silicon valley bureau. better than 85% of intel's s business comes from overseas customers. shares are up almost 40% since march with some analysts believing this stock still has time to run. it will prove that point or send investors running. a preview coming up. >>> let's get to the markets.s. stocks staging the come back. energy shares gaining on the back of oil. bob pisani kicks it off at the new york stock exchange. bob, we've moved into positive territory. >> yes, 60 points in the dow from trough to peak right now, michelle. thanks very much. and is the important thing here, we're in the middle of earning season. generally companies today are beating the numbers, but look under the hood, and you will still see some weakness there. johnson & johnson is a good expect here. bolt line is they beat on the top line, but sales were down almost
have another collapse. we must avoid that at all costs. the madoff thing is one aspect and the failure to regulate the financial world properly is another. host: the next phone call is from dallas. edward on the democrats' line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. mr. marc zuckerman. i have been listening to you for a while. previously on this program. but you answered my question about why we went into iraq. i thought about this. if the energy was the reason and we haven't gotten anything from it, why are we still there? because afghanistan is where we need to be. can you answer that question? guest: i'm not sure i can answer that question because i'm not sure it's easy to give you an answer as to why we are still there. we are under agreement to withdrawal our forces from the cities as of just this the last couple of days. and we are going to withdraw all those forces. not, i might say, to the thanks of grateful iraqi population but it's a celebtory kind of thing because they're comparing the withdeprall of american forces to the withdrawal of the british in 1920 and
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